1. random thougts:

    i always love to share my thoughts but afraid of how people would love to read and understand it.

    it may sound melow-drama for them, but it is how my life take it seriously.

    I always looking forward for the time I have this gut to share my mind again.

    Here we go..

    what’s my emotion? im happy but there’s a bit indescribable feeling that control my happiness.  Maybe, discontentment because I’m still looking forward for the completeness of my womanhood.  Hard to understand but I dont want to get into details this time.

    Maybe, dissapointed…eager to have other’s appreciation after all my efforts, my care and all good things that I have shared to others.  Life is about give and take..people keep on counting on how they give and still looking for what sould they have received.  Im one of them.

    Everyday, I woke up in setting my mind to be positive afterwards, isn’t good? but you will get tired later on.  Because sometimes, youre wishing that universe will send to you positive on a way you send to them everyday.

    that’s it.

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Photo Courtesy: enigmaticsoul


    Photo Courtesy: enigmaticsoul

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